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Tech Sustainability: Episode 2 – Smart Watering Systems - December 30, 2023 - 0 comments

Tech in Sustainability

Tech in sustainability plays a crucial role in monitoring and reducing environmental impacts, promoting renewable energy adoption, and optimising resource management.

Sustainability and technology are integral in creating a greener future. Advanced technologies play a crucial role in monitoring and reducing environmental impacts, promoting renewable energy adoption, and optimizing resource management. Innovations like smart grids, IoT devices, and data analytics drive sustainable practices and mitigate climate change. Technology fosters innovation, scalability, and global collaboration, facilitating a transition to a circular economy. By empowering individuals and tracking resource consumption, waste, and emissions, we can create a more sustainable world.

Smart Water Management

In a world where every drop counts, tech leaned away in smart water systems. Data, Automation, IoT and AI – They’re changing the game.



Let’s discover how innovation is making waste in water management. Through specialised and innovative systems, experts are able to coordinate seamlessly; keeping water systems in check. From groundwater operation to reserves, if an issue arises, tech takes action. But that’s just the beginning. Automation steps in monitoring and controlling water levels with precision. Specialised software and hardware keep valves and pumps optimised for efficiency. Sensors placed throughout the water system keeps watch in real time, ensuring our water supply is never compromised. And let’s not forget about smart metering, where data meets innovation in water management. These metres provide real time data, helping us track and conserve water usage. In this age, innovation is our ally in preserving this vital resource. Conservation begins at home and technology extends to water infrastructure. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) map out our water networks. With further advanced tech, accuracy reaches new heights, locating assets within two centimetre accuracy.

Technology can empower us to make a sustainable difference.

Tech Explained


Stay tuned for more episodes to be announced shortly.

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