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Control and monitor your equipment remotely with the IoT Smart Timer Solution.

IoT Solutions Limited - August 18, 2022 - 0 comments

The IoT Smart Timer Solution goes beyond the current state of the art, combining technological advancements in one package.

Electricity monitoring, scheduling and control are increasingly key features in several industries. This has subsequently increased the need for reliable remote electricity management and monitoring. The latest telecom innovations for the Internet of Things come to the rescue through reliable, autonomous, remote electricity control and monitoring solutions. These solutions are in the form of ultra-low power consumption devices, longer signal range and cost-effective solutions for data transfer.

The commercial applications of the Smart Timer solutions span many industries. The solution is perfect for managing lighting, air-conditioning, heating, and ventilation in large establishments such as companies, schools, hospitals, and public spaces, where both power-saving measures and security are vital. Energy companies can manage street and tunnel lighting and traffic lights more reliably and reduce maintenance costs.

It is also ideal for managing water pumps in pools and sprinkler systems for agriculture, public gardens, and other municipal spaces. Wherever the solution is applied, it gives added client control, visibility and security compared to legacy solutions.

Presently, state-of-the-art energy management systems are battery-powered but cannot be managed remotely, cannot be operated during a power cut, or have local configuration through a mobile application but require a fixed power supply. Existing systems cannot continue to provide visibility, control and monitoring during power cuts or network outages when smart buildings need the most visibility and control.

The IoT Smart Timer Solution is a novel solution that goes beyond the current state of the art. It combines the technological advancements of the most advanced smart timers in one package. Built specifically to cater for business requirements, the IoT Smart Timer Solution ensures high reliability, autonomy, simplicity, and flexibility through ground-breaking innovation with the latest technological advancements. Its remote electricity scheduling and control system using LPWAN Technology is novel both locally and globally.

The IoT Smart Timer Solution is unaffected by power cuts and local network outages. It is therefore ideal for critical power monitoring applications such as restaurants, manufacturing plants, cold rooms, aquariums, boat electricity, solar panel applications systems, network equipment and remote sites. Other applications include billboard lighting management, automated generator systems, smart EV charging, telecom towers management and industrial automation.

The IoT Smart Timer Solution does not require multiple modules and incorporates the timer and communication modules into a single module. Its features are unavailable on other smart timer products, such as automatic time-synchronization over the air, custom calendar date entries and custom control to override the standard 7-day week schedule. The solution also incorporates a power monitoring feature that is remotely accessible and unavailable on any of the existing products to provide more value for money to the potential customer.

Wherever the IoT Smart Timer Solution is applied, it gives added client control, visibility, reliability, and security compared to legacy solutions. Most of all, it is designed to create new markets and disrupt existing systems, especially if the unique features of the innovation are critical for the application.

The IoT Smart Timer Solution is produced by IoT Solutions Ltd, an Internet of Things (IoT) Hardware and Software development company based in Malta. The company has been operating for the past four years, during which it has engineered from the ground up all the hardware and software components for various IoT solutions. The company has deployed over 45,000 of its own engineered and manufactured devices all over the globe.

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