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Tech Awards: Fostering innovation and empowering Malta’s businesses

Nicole Cassar - May 24, 2023 - 0 comments

Inspire businesses to embrace new technologies, pioneer innovative solutions, and contribute to overall economic growth.


Tech Awards play a vital role in recognising and empowering local businesses in Malta’s dynamic digital landscape. The eBusiness Awards, organised by, have served as a prestigious platform to honour companies that excel in key areas of technology and innovation. Every year, a selected panel of industry experts forms the adjudication committee for these awards. Their main purpose is to evaluate and recognise the business’s submissions and nominations based on specific criteria.


Nurturing excellence and driving progress

Tech Awards inspire businesses to embrace new technologies, pioneer innovative solutions, and contribute to overall economic growth. The eBusiness Awards in Malta have emerged as a significant platform to acknowledge and celebrate the exceptional contributions of local companies.

Setting the standards for success

Adjudication criteria encompass various essential aspects of success in the digital realm, ensuring businesses remain competitive and responsive to market demands. Some of the key criteria include user experience, security, innovation, analytics, value-added services, content, ESG considerations, and cybersecurity.


Enhancing user experience and ensuring security

Providing exceptional user experiences and robust security measures are crucial for businesses operating in the digital sphere. By prioritising seamless and engaging user interfaces, companies foster brand loyalty. Simultaneously, maintaining strong cybersecurity safeguards valuable data and builds trust with customers.


Driving innovation and leveraging analytics

Tech Awards encourage businesses to push boundaries, explore new technologies, and embrace innovation. Companies that also leverage data analytics gain valuable insights to make informed decisions, enhance efficiency, and maintain a competitive edge.


Tech Awards encourage businesses to push boundaries

Tech Awards encourage businesses to push boundaries.

Recognising value-added and strategic content

It is vital to acknowledge the value-added by companies beyond traditional offerings. Distinguishing businesses that provide tailored solutions meeting customer needs contributes to their competitive leads. Additionally, excelling in creating compelling content and strategic marketing strategies enables businesses to effectively reach and engage wider audiences.


Promoting ESG considerations and strengthening cybersecurity measures

Aligning with global trends, Tech Awards should incorporate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations. Encouraging businesses to prioritise sustainability and social responsibility helps create a better future. Recognising strong cybersecurity practices reinforces Malta’s commitment to digital resilience, protecting valuable assets and customer trust.’s reimagined eBusiness awards acknowledges the value of constant innovation and is dedicated to reimagining the future evolved tech awards.’s vision transcends the exclusive focus on the ‘eBusiness Awards’ and strives to magnify its efforts in acknowledging and rewarding Maltese tech businesses. This shift reflects the organisation’s understanding of the evolving needs of the industry and its commitment to ensuring that these awards remain valuable and adaptable.

By staying relevant and responsive to the ever-changing technological landscape, seeks to elevate the significance of these awards in the future and their ability to showcase the achievements of local tech businesses.


Article by: Nicole Cassar, Manager,

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