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Tech Heads Episode 1: Maltese Tech Entrepreneur Says Roblox Game Platform Can Help Us Understand The Metaverse - July 28, 2022 - 0 comments

NFTs, the metaverse and artificial intelligence are slowly but surely proving to be the way forward. This technological future is on the horizon, and the opportunity to work, live and interact in this space is an exciting threshold to find ourselves on.

Meet Sean Ellul, co-founder of the Metaverse Architects, a full tech development studio whose aim is to design and develop spaces, shops, and experiences for the Metaverse.

Using a simple children’s game to explain this concept, Sean says that anyone who plays games on Roblox or any other similar ‘sandbox’ game platform is already a step ahead in understanding what the Metaverse is and how we can utilise it.

Metaverse Architects aims to be the one-stop shop when it comes to anything Metaverse-related. From creating mental health clinics to helping host concerts that are 100% virtual, the possibilities are endless.

As it stands, the Metaverse is still very conceptual and needs a layer of blockchain underneath it to make it equitable and operational as a potential business.

It helps if you think of the Metaverse as a digital city; for businesses, artists and everyday people to start utilising this space, they need to buy a ‘land of property’ within the city, which is where NFTs come into play.

Now that ‘land’ has been acquired, Metaverse Architects get to work innovating and creating a solution to something which hasn’t even been actualised yet… basically acting as architects within the Metaverse., which was set up by the Government of Malta and the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, was a supporting pillar for Metaverse Architects and many other local tech start-ups on their journey to helping society integrate with the digital world.

It aims to assist tech companies based in Malta to achieve internationalisation and bridge the gap between startups and society.

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