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Valletta Tech Summit – The Creative Side of the Digital Economy - June 6, 2022 - 0 comments

What to expect at the Valletta Tech Summit

The Valletta Tech Summit is distinguished for its expert local and international speakers, as well as its numerous exhibitors, established partners, and attendees. The summit provides a forum for a wide range of tech stakeholders to connect, discuss, and establish potential partnerships. Furthermore, the event seeks to serve as an informational resource for both experts and the general public.

Valletta Tech Summit - NFTs, Game Development & Blockchain

The second edition of the Valletta Tech Summit shall focus on The Creative Side of the Digital Economy. NFTs, the Metaverse and other high-level technologies which have been the topic of conversation amongst creatives and innovators, shall be thoroughly discussed during the 12-hour event, held on the 22nd and 23rd of June 2022.

The virtual summit is the first of it’s kind where, the creative and tech industries are discussed on both national and international levels, highlighting the positive impact they provides towards the digital economy. The matter will be conversed across a number of verticals.

We have been exploring various avenues in the past years on how to help our technology sector to internationalize. Online conferences give the cost-effective, fast opportunity to do so however we intend to further intensify our efforts by participating in physical events globally and taking the technology sector with us, as we believe that they are the ambassadors of our technology sector.
Dana Farrugia, CEO at

So, what should you expect at the Valletta Tech Summit – The Creative Side of the Digital Economy?

The overarching goal of the summit is to promote Malta as a tech hub of choice. The Valletta Tech Summit is a platform providing opportunities for businesses to internationalize and showcase their talent, products and services. Furthermore, it encompasses the resources and assets Malta and it’s digital economy have to provide for creators and innovators.

Therefore, the organizers behind the Summit have tailored content and planned discussions by onboarding a number of keynote speakers who will be presenting their experienced take on Non-Fungible Tokens, Immersive Worlds and AI, Creativity and Ethics.

Nine panel discussions will also take place over the two-day event, which will comprehend the metaverse, NFTs, eCommerce, good governance, game development, AR, VR, Blockchain and the Semiconductor industry.

  • What does Malta have to offer?
  • What are the business prospects these technologies will provide in the near future? 

We’ll be discussing this and more!

Register today and join us on the 22nd and 23rd of June, for a two-day virtual event delivered over an international, award-winning platform.

Registration for Valletta Tech Summit is free of charge

The event will be held fully remotely over an international, award-winning, immersive platform.

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