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Mid-Year Newsletter 2022 - July 28, 2022 - 0 comments

In 2022, continues to strive in favour of its mandate and responsibilities, that is promoting Malta’s talent and innovation as well as assisting individuals, start-ups, and businesses alike to opt for digital, make use of ground-breaking tech, delve into innovative research and internationalize.

Since the inception of in 2019, the Maltese government has committed over €5 million to build Malta as an international technological centre of excellence.’s approach in this regard has been to promote the country’s vibrant and developing technology industry. Additionally, our goal has been to establish Malta as a world-class and creative epicentre with progressive ideals and an attractive and supportive infrastructure.

2022 Mid Year Newsletter

At, we’ve taken the initiative to understand the current demands of technology firms and start-ups and to map out the criteria necessary for them to reach their full potential. has taken a proactive role in assisting businesses in securing adequate financing incentives from local governments and guiding them down a clear route to growth and internationalization.


In the past three years, has relentlessly strived to assist local businesses in the best ways possible; through promotional campaigns and by showcasing the sector’s success stories,’s own publication – Tech.mag, collaborations with third parties which bring seamless value to the national tech community, as well as tailored strategies which are focused on the internationalization of businesses and how can support and assist them along the way.

Additionally, has advocated for the re-design of several funding schemes to help the local technology ecosystem. Furthermore, has invested significantly in marketing Malta with international universities and partnering with local educational institutions in order to expand the market’s intake of professionals and match company needs and future job market expectations.

Supporting the Industry

Strategic Consultation Initiative for Students and Start-ups

An ongoing initiative as part of’s remit to assist start-ups and students, was launched in 2021 with the intention of helping start-ups and/or students which have an innovative concept but don’t have the knowledge and experience to reach the next stage of their entrepreneurial journey.

Through’s consultation partners, which stand at over 35, countless hours of free consultancy are being offered to eligible beneficiaries, providing their expertise in a number of key areas ranging from concept validation to consultancy on emerging technology, market assessment and go-to-market strategies, digital strategies, e-commerce and digital marketing, and internationalisation.

In the first half of 2022, a healthy number of beneficiaries have already benefitted from this initiative, with very satisfactory feedback about the quality of consultation provided by’s partners.

Through’s continuous strides in promoting the local tech sector, the beneficiaries are showcased through the strategic partnership campaign.

Strategic consultation initiative for Students and Start-ups
Strategic consultation initiative for Students and Start-ups

Meeting with Local Tech Businesses and Onboarding on’s Company Directory continues to engage with local businesses, explore avenues for collaboration and offer assistance in any way possible, with a series of meetings with local businesses during the first half of 2022.

Furthermore, continued to build it’s directory of tech businesses, by onboarding new members, aimed at mapping the local tech ecosystem, which at present, has well over 300 registrants.

Malta Tech Directory 2022

Funding Incentives

Our team assists organizations at every level of their digital transformation journey, from establishing eCommerce platforms to advising on available finance options for digitisation. We are also well-equipped to assist with the application process for funding schemes offered by local entities, with the objective of assisting start-up businesses with a viable business concept, to expand their business activities, and further develop their ideas prior to market introduction.

At, we understand that financing a start-up or SME and upskilling their workforce through loans can be difficult for many. As such, this year we have already collaborated with the Malta Development Bank to promote access to finance for individuals who would like to further their studies in higher education through Further Studies Made Affordable + (FSMA+).

More so, for another year, continues to build on it’s Grants and Incentives promotion on various schemes to businesses, start-ups and students with innovative ideas.


Agreement with Startup Blink

StartupBlink is an online platform renowned for mapping the start-up ecosystems in different regions across the world. StartupBlink matches’s ambition to uncover the momentum of start-ups and to support their growth.

Therefore, given the success of its partnership in 2021, it was agreed that in 2022 this partnership would be further consolidated. As Startup Blink’s ecosystem partner to Malta, shall continue seeing the entity assist in mapping and managing the Maltese local start-up ecosystem on the StartupBlink platform.

This partnership is expected to continue to enhance the exposure of Maltese start-ups on a global level, opening the doors to internationalisation and business opportunities overseas.

Startup Blink Online Ecosystem Summit 2022

Startup Blink: Global Startup Ecosystem Index

One of the industry’s key publications within the start-up scene is Startup Blink’s Global Startup Ecosystem Index. As ecosystem partners within the Startup Blink platform, has worked in supporting Malta’s ranking within this study.


Malta, has managed to keep its positive momentum and is now ranked 59th in the world in the Global Startup Ecosystem Index for 2022, as published in May 2022.


It is worth noting that Malta has been gathering traction and keeping a steady momentum in its rankings in this report over the last couple of years.

Malta is 59th on the Global Startup Ecosystem Index
Business First Malta

Business First: Training Session to Front Office Staff

On the 29th of March 2022, delivered a training session to the front office staff at Business First, to introduce them to and’s consultation initiative, with the view of enabling them to better assist clients seeking assistance in growing their business.

Pre-post and Refresher Training Sessions for Diplomats

This year, will continue its collaboration with the Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs, to enhance the preparation of Maltese diplomats before their posting at Maltese representations across the globe.

One session has already been carried out so far, with more scheduled in the coming months.

The scope of this collaboration will be broadened this year, with a series of refresher courses planned for more seasoned diplomats.

Throughout 2022, Representatives from shall deliver a series of two-hour training sessions to help diplomats in familiarising themselves with’s remits, scope and mandate.

Involvement in the Enterprise Consultative Council

On the 16th of March 2022, contributed to the quarterly Enterprise Consultative Council, chaired by former Permanent Secretary of the Ministry for the Economy and Industry Ms. Nancy Caruana.

The Enterprise Consultative Council meets to discuss topics which are directly relevant to SMEs and provides an overview of the work that has been carried out by entities that fall under the Ministry.

An overview of the work carried out by the Inspections Coordination Office, eSkills Malta Foundation and were presented and discussed during the meeting.

The next Enterprise Consultative Council meeting is scheduled for June 2022.

Collaboration with Malta’s Overseas Representations


During the first quarter of 2022, continued reaching out to Maltese Embassies and High Commissions across the globe ranging from the Americas, to Africa, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

A series of meetings are being held to explore avenues of collaboration with stakeholders in the identified regions, with tangible results ranging from the ‘Discover Malta’s Potential: Israel Meets Malta’ event, a similar event in the pipeline exploring the field of Fintech earmarked with the Embassy of Malta in Turkey, introductions to events such as ‘Tel Aviv University’s AI Week’, ‘Cyber Week’ and introductions to companies and stakeholders which were facilitated thanks to these meetings.

Memorandum of Understanding with Chamber of Engineers

In Q1, and the Chamber of Engineers discussed and laid the groundwork for a Memorandum of Understanding, signed in April 2022. The Memorandum of Understanding between the respective entities includes a mutual collaboration in initiatives pertinent to the fields of engineering, technical professions, STEM education, and opportunities within the relevant fields, and other key initiatives of mutual interest.

Chamber of Engineers Malta - Logo

Ministry Consultations

Throughout the first quarter of 2022, as a key stakeholder in the tech industry, the Ministry of Economy, EU Funds and Lands, and other stakeholders consulted with on several national and EU level issues to gather’s insight from a digital and technological perspective.

University of Malta Racing Sponsorship

In May 2022, representatives were present for the launch of the FC-20, as the team celebrated the UoMR’s 10th year anniversary. Sponsors University of Malta Racing has sponsored this year’s University of Malta new racing car

UoM Racing Places 3rd in Silverstone

The racing car competed against other major Universities in Silverstone during June.

The Maltese Team places 3rd in the race.


IoT Video Campaign

In November 2021, published the results of an IoT landmark study, which suggests that more than half of local businesses currently adopt some form of IoT technology. The study also sheds light on the benefits and pitfalls of adopting IoT technologies and makes recommendations based on these findings.

A promotional campaign, featuring best practices from industry, with the aim of furthering take-up and adoption of IoT technologies complemented the study during the first half of 2022.

A copy of the report can be obtained here: IoT Video Campaign 2022

Statistical Highlights

As part it’s promotional strategy, throughout the year, promotes Malta’s successes by showcasing the satisfactory results obtained in various areas of digital innovation both on a national and an international level.

Industry Trends

In 2022, initiated a new campaign aimed at promoting new innovative and disrupting technologies. This is done with the aim to promote the latest trends and news within the tech sector.

Tech Industry trends - NFTs

Lovin Malta

With the aim of showcasing the sector’s successes, produced a series of success stories, ‘Tech Heads, which also serves as a promotional platform to start-ups.

Malta Tech Success Stories - Tech Heads
Tech Heads - Success Stories by


AI Week: Tel Aviv University partnered with Tel Aviv University which organizes Israel’s leading AI conference. The conference, held between the 7th to the 9th of February 2022, welcomed industry stakeholders, data scientists and AI professionals for a two-day conference which shed light on technological leadership, applied AI and cutting-edge research in the realm of AI.

AI Week also highlighted the way in which AI technology is revolutionizing business strategy, policy, and future development.

Prototype Malta AI Event

On May 26th, 2022, supported and attended an online event entitled ‘Prototype Malta AI’, organized by Creolabs.

The panel discussion looked into the AI vertical and discussed how Malta can serve as a regional and global test-bed in AI applications.

Startup Blink Startup Ecosystem Summit

The StartupBlink Ecosystem Summit is a quarterly gathering of some of the world’s foremost experts and leaders in ecosystem development and offers a forum for learning and knowledge-sharing on what it takes to create an environment where entrepreneurship flourishes.

On the 22nd of February 2022, delivered a presentation to a global audience which shed light on Malta’s attractiveness to start-ups and other businesses.

Discover Malta’s Potential: Israel Meets Malta Event

This event, held on the 15th of March 2022, was organized jointly between the Embassy of Malta in Israel, the Israel Malta Chamber of Commerce, Malta Enterprise and

The event, open to Israeli companies interested to set-up, expand or relocate to Malta, emphasized the life sciences, digital innovation and technology industries.

The event was opened with introductions from Her Excellency, Cecilia Attard Pirotta, Ambassador of Malta to Israel and Mr. Shmuel Ben Tovim, Chair of the Israel-Malta Chamber of Commerce.

This was followed with an intervention by discussing the attractiveness of the Maltese tech ecosystem and how can assist foreign-based companies looking into the Maltese jurisdiction.

Followed by a presentation from Malta Enterprise, who introduced the entity and discussed the different incentives available for companies looking to into the Maltese jurisdiction.

Finally, a success story from an Israeli company, Finaro was presented. Finaro is an example of a company, born in Israel and backed by Israeli investors.

Finaro grew out of Israel into Malta and successfully transformed itself from a payment institution to a bank. Most recently being acquired by US giant, Shift4.

EY Engage Event

EY Engage Event 2022

Held on 1st June 2022, formed part of this year’s EY Engage event. This renowned yearly forum, organized by EY Malta is open to a small cohort of Malta’s top technology leaders, and sees leading Maltese companies engaging, discussing, networking, and exploring business opportunities.

As part of’s mandate to connect with and assist the local tech sector, a team of representatives from were present to engage and network with the audience in attendance on the day of the event.

JAYE Digital Innovation Signature Award

EY Engage Event 2022

In 2022, sponsored for the second time, the JAYE Digital Innovation Signature Award. This award was created to celebrate the achievements of young entrepreneurs who were best able to put their digital skills into practice to conceive an innovative digital business concept.

CETA Business Forum

The idea of the CETA Business Forum was born out of the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA Agreement), which simplifies trade between Canadian and European companies, removing obstacles previously present to ensure that trade between Canada and the EU is facilitated.


CETA Talk Malta - Business Event for Start-ups & Entrepreneurs


Organised by Malta Business, the CETA Business Forum was held online between the 22nd and 23rd of June 2022.

Representatives from were present during this two-day event to network and connect with Canadian companies, also participating in a talk entitled ‘Start-ups and Young Entrepreneurs’. This talk promoted the factors that make Malta an attractive jurisdiction for Canadian tech start-ups and young entrepreneurs and discussed how can support Canadian companies looking to relocate or establish operations in Malta.

This event matches’s ambition to attract foreign investment to Malta and promote Malta as an ideal tech hub for businesses with the view of continuously growing the local tech sector.

Series of Focus Groups between, The Malta Chamber of Commerce and Tech Sector

In April 2022, The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry together with commenced a series of focus groups targeted at tech businesses.

These focus groups are aimed at giving tech businesses a platform to discuss and identify the challenges they face and how they can be resolved, discuss how entities can better assist the tech sector to continue to grow and to suggest internationalization opportunities for local tech companies.

These focus groups will be held throughout 2022 and the outcome will serve as a basis for recommendations to Government to help expand the tech sector in Malta.

‘The Digital Transition: challenges and opportunities’ panel as part of the Empowering Consumers in the Digital and Green Transition conference by MCCAA – Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority


Dana Farrugia on The Digital Transition challenges and opportunities


On the 15th of March, Ms Dana Farrugia, CEO at, participated in the ‘The Digital Transition: challenges and opportunities’ panel as part of the Empowering Consumers in the Digital and Green Transition conference organised by the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority

The discussion revolved around the influence of the digital shift on consumer purchasing behaviour, accurate and informed decision-making, and the growing popularity of online shopping. Additionally, the necessity for organizations to alter their business models in order to meet customer expectations was explored.


Dana Farrugia on Empowering Consumers in the Digital and Green Transition

Supporting Students and Academia participated in the Campus Tech Summit at the University of Malta between the 14th and the 16th of March.

The summit explored how technology is constantly transforming lifestyles, how innovation is affecting various industries and their enterprises, and what entrepreneurial opportunities are available for students. has both the tech industry and students’ endeavours at heart, and through participation in these events, we aim to reach students and explore ways on how as a Foundation we can assist them to grow.

Valletta Tech Summit: IoT and Beyond

During the first half of 2022, the team launched of the Valletta Tech Summit and hosted two events. The first event focused on the IoT field, whilst the second event revolved around the creative side of the digital economy.

The events caught considerable interest of several well-known worldwide corporations and organizations, including Dell Technologies, IBM, Hitachi, the International Telecommunications Union, the European Space Agency, the European Commission, Digital Cover, the Centre for Distributed Ledger Technologies, AWS, Grant Thornton, EY, ARize, Metaverse Architects, as well as a slew of well-known local firms.


Valletta Tech Summit by


By attracting worldwide and local speakers, exhibitors, and attendees to this bi-annual conference and expo, the Valletta Tech Summit aims to place Malta on the map in terms of technology. We seek to unite the brightest brains in the technology and creative industries under a single roof.

The Valletta Tech Summit brought together internal and overseas players, creating opportunity for them to interact, network, discuss ideas, and share industry knowledge.

12-hours of content per event

Two parallel agendas, success stories, a multitude of opportunities to network and collaborate, connect with like-minded individuals, share knowledge, build co-creation opportunities, and foster new business opportunities. The VTS promises to expand one’s professional network and help them achieve their goals.

Latest news and industry trends

The Valletta Tech Summit aims to expose individuals to the latest news and industry trends and the impact these technologies will have on driving operational efficiencies and increasing revenue.

A one-of-a kind networking opportunity

The Valletta Tech Summit is the ideal space for marketers, salespeople, product developers, IoT enthusiasts, business owners, students and more, to come together and test out new products, discuss the latest developments in technology, and learn about marketplace trends.

Minimizing the Digital Divide and Promoting Social Inclusion

In order to strengthen the tech sector’s resilience, efforts must be made to close the digital divide, which is mostly gender-based. Additionally, promoting digital inclusiveness is key to what we do at

Work is ongoing and in the pipeline with’s involvement and participation in a variety of projects. These initiatives not only seek to minimise the digital divide and increase digital inclusion, but also to prepare the broader community with the requisite tech skills, as the future is surely digital.


Women4IT Promotes Digital Inclusion in Malta


Women of different ages have concluded their training as part of the study programme devised under the umbrella of the Women4IT project aimed at equipping participants with the digital skills required in this day and age and to eventually take successful steps into digital-related employment. The ultimate aim of this project is to encourage the participation of girls and young women in the digital agenda. Two focus groups were held, one with female participants and another one with employers.  The principal objectives of the focus groups included:

Women4IT in Malta - Logo

an assessment of women’s and employers’ perceptions concerning the knowledge and skills acquired by the women and the women’s employability prospective in the IT sector, as a result of participation in the Women4IT programme;

the identification of commonalities and differences across the above-mentioned perceptions;

the identification of the strengths and weaknesses of each of the Women4IT tools.

Women4IT: Empowerment Workshops

The Women4IT Empowerment Workshops were recently delivered, as part of the extension of the project for one more year. The aim of these workshops is to compliment the training on tech job profiles and empower beneficiaries to find and secure a job. These workshops focused on the main stages of employability, from discovery to delivery, and also the challenges that women may face while job searching.

The Women4IT Empowerment Workshops were held in collaboration with JobsPlus and the eSkills Malta Foundation.

ICT 4 the Elderly

This initiative addresses what has become known as “online ageing” and aims at facilitating a pathway for up-skilling individuals between the ages of 55 and 74 in their digital competencies. A total of 5 ambassadors received training in various digital areas required in today’s society, Subsequently the ambassadors have disseminated the programme to other elderly communities.

The National Agency assessed the final report of this project and documentation submitted by has been successfully approved. Free Wi-Fi

The free Wi-Fi project is to ensure that all citizens remain connected and integrated within the digital society. is in the process of re-issuing the Wi-Fi tender, to continue provide connectivity in localities, and thus, reaching more people and encourage their use of technology.

EU Funding Opportunities

A continuous responsibility at is to undertake research on funding sources for initiatives that align with the organization’s goal. Numerous project concepts have been examined for initiatives.

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