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Productivity growth fastest in tech-driven businesses - October 12, 2021 - 0 comments

Malta Competitiveness Report 2020 - Infographic 5

As per the Malta Competitiveness Report 2020, productivity growth has been fastest in the few technology-driven businesses present in our economy. However, these businesses’ share in total output remains small. If these firms had a larger share in value added, they would contribute more to productivity and real earnings growth in our economy.

This motivates us to continue to strive to deliver upon our mission to expand the local tech sector by assessing the market for niches and untapped potential, which the Maltese tech companies can tap into to advance, grow and internationalise; educate the tech sector in managing business growth, ensure readiness for potential investment and internationalisation and finally, build a nurturing and supportive ecosystem, essential for the local tech industry to flourish and grow

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