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Malta ranks 32nd from 173 countries in terms of ICT Infrastructure - September 30, 2021 - 0 comments

In terms of investment in ICT infrastructure Malta ranks 25th from a total of 141 countries with regards to the overall ICT infrastructure quality. Such that with a score of 75, Malta exceeds the EA19 and EU-27 average scores which amount to 72. These developments have also been acknowledged by the ICT Development Index, whereby Malta ranks 32nd from a total of 173 countries – Malta Competitiveness Report 2020.

The productivity of the ICT & Tech sector has seen the strongest increase over the past decade reflecting the strong basis of this sector as well as Malta’s attractiveness in this area, including a robust digital infrastructure among other contributing factors. On this front, Malta is well positioned to continue building on the existing strengths and will remain pivotal in ensuring an economy that is based on digital resilience and digital innovation.

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