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Your Health, one tap away. Giving every person access to a reliable healthcare solution, at the touch of a button.

Martina meets the brains behind, a website offering online consultancy with practitioners specialising in different fields, launched back in May, at the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic. was launched amidst the initial covid-19 pandemic, with the aim of delivering an efficient, seamless, and simple healthcare experience by connecting patients with a wide range of healthcare practitioners through an online consultation platform.

This success story is one of an entire series of real-life case studies of start-ups and entrepreneurs that have made it in the local technology sector. is there to support and offer solution owners the assistance required to get their work off the ground and into the local market.

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What innovative solutions have you implemented at

Tina: Dylan here is one of the co-founders of It was back in March when the pandemic struck world-wide, and many, including ourselves at Gadgets, started working from home. For others, it might not have been as obvious how they would continue working, especially the medical sector, and this is where comes in.

Dylan: Exactly, basically we had come to a point where grocery shopping and banking were being done online, but then, one of the most important things like speaking to a doctor or healthcare professional, they couldn’t do it online. We had reached a stage where, for example, healthcare professionals at the beginning of the COVID situation were afraid to open their clinics, for their own protection as well as their patients.

Technology allows you to do so many things nowadays, so why not create a basic, safe and secure platform? One thing we need to really focus on is trust, so when accessing our website, people can see our faces in the photos. That why, people will know who they’re booking their appointment with, the healthcare professional’s background and specialisations. This really helped put a face to the profile of and helped encourage people to book online consultations with us.

Tina: What did you find most challenging when trying to implement the idea?

Dylan: Healthcare practitioners in general have been calling for this for a while now, such as asking for Facebook groups and the laws for online consultations. From a patient perspective, we need to make sustainable and we worked a lot on their feedback, which was largely positive.

We always follow up on patient recovery, but we needed to do this as a start-up too to get from point A to point B and then C, and keep moving forward. So, patient feedback is very important. In a country like Malta, you need people to help you, which is why we reached out to among other stakeholders. They took our idea on immediately, and what I really liked was that we didn’t just have the meeting and they were just interested in pushing what they could offer us. They listened to what is all about and what our aspirations for it are and how they can help us reach these goals.

Tina: And in fact, joining us now is Dana Farrugia, CEO of

Dana: I can’t help but feel proud that as, we’ve partnered with medical professionals who are promoting the digitising of business. They’re coming from a medical background rather than tech, so they’re looking at the benefits of reaching their patients digitally. Of course, the pandemic has brought about the realisation that we cannot go to our doctors like before, so this niche needs addressing, since we’ve not found a solution for the larger problem. will always promote such initiatives, especially when it comes to health. That’s one of our favourite things, when there’s a new digital solution, and we then speak of the “scalability of the solution”. You can connect to a wide range of services and people in society, while offering an additional service, that we as a country will be giving to our citizens.

Tina: will continue helping and pushing these innovative ideas that help the country move forward. Thank you very much, and well done! was founded back in May 2020, in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. It gives people the possibility of organising online consultation through video conferencing with specialised practitioners from different backgrounds. This pandemic has made us more aware of unnecessary contact with people – and house visits were a no-no. Thus, this simultaneously accelerated the global shift of consumer behaviour towards digital
consumption. One might be concerned about holding online consultations.

However, research suggests that 70% of all visits can be done through digital means. Meanwhile, it is less time consuming: A visit to a practitioner’s clinic takes about 1 hour: 40 minutes of traveling time, 5-10 minutes of waiting room time (depending on how busy the practitioner is) – while the consultation itself only takes 15 minutes.

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